Established in 1983 and based in Montebello California, Niitakaya USA has been serving the American citizens and exports such Mexico and Canada with the highest quality of locally manufactured sushi ginger and tsukemono (japanese pickles).

Our mission and goal is our customer's satisfacation and to introduce tsukemono, an essential aspect of a Japanese culture to everyone.

There are many kinds of traditional Japanese pickles engrained in Japanese culture. There is definitely at least one that you would like!

Tsukemono is not just a category of food; it is culture.

Niitakaya USA currently has 5 tenant stores throughout the nation.

Billboard for Bettara-zuke on the side of a modern building


Niitakaya opened it's doors as a small store in 1930 in Tokyo Japan. Thanks to its popular Bettarazuke, which Niitakaya had the honor of serving the Japanese Imperial Family, Niitakaya has expanded to other markets such as USA and Hong Kong.

With USA and Hong Kong, Niitakaya's tsukemono has reached other countries such as Mexico, China, Canada, and Germany

Main office

1801 Aeros Way

Montebello, CA 90640

TEL: 323.720.5050

FAX: 323.720.5057


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